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[ As at 13 July 2015 ]


Notice of subdivision of shares
(Rule 13.11(2))​ ​

(1) A heading drawing attention to the importance of the notice and advising holders of shares who are in any doubt as to what action to take to consult appropriate independent advisers.
(2) A statement that the notice has been reviewed by the listed corporation’s Sponsor or Adviser, as the case may be.
(3)A statement that Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad takes no responsibility for the contents of the notice, makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness and expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising from or in reliance upon the whole or any part of the contents of the notice. In relation to a notice which has not been perused by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad before its issuance, a statement to that effect.
(4)​The purpose of the notice.
(5)The details of the proposed subdivision and date on which the proposed subdivision of shares was announced.
(6)The approvals required for the proposed subdivision of shares and dates on which such approvals were obtained and conditions of the approvals.
(7)The number, type and par value of the existing and subdivided shares.
(8)The time and date on which the listed corporation's shares will be suspended from trading.
(9)The details relating to the books closing date, including last date and time for transfer, deposit and purchase of shares (where applicable).
(10)The details relating to the crediting of the subdivided shares.
(11)The details relating to allotment of the subdivided shares and the submission of application for quotation of the subdivided shares.
(12)A responsibility statement by the directors that the notice has been seen and approved by the directors of the listed corporation and that they collectively and individually accept full responsibility for the accuracy of the information given and confirm that after making all reasonable enquiries to the best of their knowledge and belief there are no other facts the omission of which would make any statement in the notice misleading.

[ End of Appendix ]

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