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Agreement between Sponsor and the Exchange
(Rule 4.03(1)(b))
(a)Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ("the Exchange"); and
(b)​[Name of Sponsor] ("the Sponsor").


Article 1Interpretation
Terms used and not separately defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed thereto in Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ACE Market Listing Requirements ("the Listing Requirements"). ​ ​
Article 2Undertakings
In consideration of the Exchange admitting the Sponsor to the Exchange's Register of Sponsors, the Sponsor hereby undertakes to -


2.1accept the responsibilities of a Sponsor and discharge their roles and responsibilities in accordance with the Listing Requirements at all times to the satisfaction of the Exchange;
2.2comply with and be bound in all respects by -
(a)all the provisions of the securities laws applicable to the Sponsor; 
(b)any laws and guidelines issued by regulatory authorities which are applicable to the Sponsor;
(c)​the Listing Requirements and any other rules or regulations of the Exchange which now are or may hereinafter be in force in so far as they are applicable to or affect Sponsors; and
(d)any special conditions which may have been imposed by the Exchange on the Sponsor at any time and from time to time;
2.3ensure that it has proper procedures in place to ensure compliance with -
​ ​
(a)all the laws, guidelines, code, rules, regulations and conditions mentioned in Article 2.2(a) to (d) above by all its officers, employees and agents; and
(b)the Listing Requirements by all its clients;
2.4co-operate and render every assistance to any investigation, enquiry or query conducted by the Exchange on any matter relating to the Listing Requirements or the Rules of the Exchange; and
2.5​conduct its business as a Sponsor in accordance with ethical and professional business practices.


Article 3Representations, Warranties and Agreements
The Sponsor represents, warrants and agrees with the Exchange that -


3.1the Sponsor is duly authorised and has obtained all external and internal approvals, permits, licences and authorisations to enter into this Agreement, and to perform all of its obligations under or pursuant to this Agreement; and
3.2this Agreement constitutes legal, valid and binding obligations of the Sponsor and is enforceable in accordance with its terms.


Article 4Indemnities
The Sponsor agrees that -


4.1neither the Exchange nor any of its officers, employees or agents (including any director or Board member of the Exchange) shall be liable to the Sponsor for any act or omission to act by such officers, employees or agents, whether or not acting within the scope of his or her employment or functions in the Exchange, except only if and to the extent that the Exchange or any of such officers, employees or agents, as the case may be, is proved to have been acting with gross negligence or wilful misconduct; and
4.2the Sponsor shall fully indemnify and hold the Exchange harmless from and against any costs, losses, damages or claims incurred by or asserted against the Exchange as a consequence of or in connection with any act or omission to act by the Sponsor in the conduct of its activities as a Sponsor, or as a consequence of any breach by the Sponsor of any of the obligations assumed by it under this Agreement.


Article 5Effective Date
This Agreement shall not enter into force until it has been executed by both parties hereto.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set their signatures unto this Agreement on the date stated above.
​ ​
​​For the Exchange:
Authorised Signatory
For the Sponsor:
___________________ ​_____________________
Authorised Signatory

[ End of Appendix ]

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