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[ As at 27 January 2015 ]


Information to be included in announcement in relation to moneylending company
(Rule 8.25(2)(e))

(1)The aggregate amount of outstanding loans and/or advances ("Loans") given by the moneylending company setting out the following breakdown for secured and unsecured Loans:
(a)to corporations;​
(b)to individuals;​
(c)to corporations within the listed corporation group; and
(d)to related parties.
(2) The total borrowings, setting out -
(a)the Loans given by any corporation within the listed corporation group to the moneylending company;
(b)the borrowings which are secured by any corporation within the listed corporation group in favour of the moneylending company; and
 (c)other borrowings.​
(3)The aggregate amount of Loans in default which must include the movements in the Loans in default for the listed corporation and the group as follows:
(a)at the beginning of the year;​
(b) classified as Loans in default during the financial year;​
(c)reclassified as performing during the financial year;​
(d)amount recovered;​
(e)amount written off;​
(f)Loans converted to securities; ​
(g) total and net Loans in default at the end of the year; and​
(h)ratio of net Loans in default to net Loans or advances.​
For this purpose, a Loan in default will be as determined by the listed corporation but must in any event, include a situation where the debtor has been in default of payment of either interest or principal sums or both for 3 months or more in respect of a Loan. In this regard, only Loans by a debtor to the moneylending company may be set off in ascertaining the outstanding Loans of the debtor to such company.
(4)The top 5 Loans (with aggregation of Loans given to the same person or persons connected with each other), setting out (where applicable) -
(a)the facility type and limit;​
(b)the amount outstanding and type;​
(c)whether security was provided and if provided, the value of the security;​
(d) whether the recipient of the Loans is a related party; and​
(e)the terms of repayment.​

[ End of Appendix ]

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