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[ As at 3 August 2009 ] 



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Effective date:3 July 2006Rule 15.08
Revision date:3 August 2009


​1.1This Guidance Note prescribes the requirements of the Exchange in relation to training programmes that must be attended by directors of a listed corporation or an applicant seeking listing on the Official List of the Exchange (“Directors”) in compliance with the Listing Requirements.
​1.2Pursuant to Rule 15.08 of the Listing Requirements, Directors must attend training programmes that are prescribed by the Exchange from time to time.
​1.3The Exchange has prescribed that Directors attend the Mandatory Accreditation Programme (“MAP”) under Rule 15.08 of the Listing Requirements.
​2.0Mandatory Accreditation Programme (“MAP”)
​2.1The MAP is organised by such body corporate as may be approved by the Exchange (“Approved Organiser”).
​2.2A Director must comply with the following requirements in relation to the MAP:
​(a)a Director must attend the MAP in full and procure a certificate from the Approved Organiser to confirm his completion of the MAP;
​(b)a Director must complete the MAP within the time set out in the table below:
​No​Director ​Timeframe to complete MAP
​(i)A Director who is appointed for the first time as a director of a listed corporationWithin 4 months from the date of appointment
​(ii)A Director of an applicant seeking listing on the Official List of the ExchangeWithin 4 months from the date of listing of the applicant unless the Director falls within the category set out in subparagraph (i) above in which case the period in subparagraph (i) applies
(c)unless otherwise stipulated by the Exchange, only a Director who has been issued a certificate by the Approved Organiser for completion of the MAP within the timeframes stipulated in subparagraph (b) above or such other timeframe as may be allowed by the Exchange will be deemed to have completed the MAP.
​2.3​ ​The course content and duration of the MAP may be varied by the Approved Organiser with the approval of the Exchange at any time deemed necessary. A Director who has already been issued with a certificate for completing the MAP or any part of the MAP before the date of variation will not be affected by the variation.
​3.0Duty of listed corporations

Listed corporations must notify their directors of the requirement to attend the MAP.

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