Related party transactions


ABC Berhad and/or its subsidiaries propose(s) to enter into the following transactions:

MainFAQ 10.42-table.PNG

What are the obligations of ABC Berhad in relation to the above transactions?

The obligations of ABC Berhad are as follows:

Transaction 1

Pursuant to paragraph 10.08(1)(a) of the Main LR, no obligation is triggered by ABC Berhad in relation to the related party transaction as even though the highest percentage ratio triggered is 5% (i.e. threshold for shareholder approval for related party transactions), the value of consideration given is less than RM500,000.

Transaction 2

Pursuant to paragraph 10.08(1) of the Main LR, as the highest percentage ratio is less than 0.25%, no requirement is imposed on ABC Berhad to immediately announce the related party transaction.