Recurrent related party transaction of a revenue or trading nature and necessary for its day to day operations ("RRPT")



Pursuant to paragraph 10.09(2)(e) of the Main LR, a listed issuer must immediately announce to the Exchange when the actual value of a RRPT ("Actual Value") entered into by the listed issuer, exceeds the estimated value of the RRPT ("Estimated Value") disclosed in the circular by 10% or more.  Can the listed issuer wait until its next AGM (which is the date on which the current mandate expires) to make this announcement?

​No, the listed issuer must make the announcement immediately when it becomes aware that the Actual Value has exceeded the Estimated Value by 10% or more. This applies even though the current mandate has yet to expire. For this purpose, the listed issuer is expected to closely monitor and track the value of the RRPTs transacted, as and when a transaction is entered into.