Aggregation of transactions


Z Bhd, a listed issuer enters into transactions involving the acquisitions and disposal of securities in A Sdn Bhd with various parties who are not connected with each other. The transactions are as follows:

MainFAQ 10.61-table.PNG

Must the above transactions be aggregated to determine whether Z Bhd needs to comply with Chapter 10 of the Main LR in respect of the aggregated transactions?

Yes, pursuant to paragraph 10.12(2)(b) of the Main LR and paragraph 2.0 of Practice Note 14, the transactions must be aggregated as follows:
​Transaction 2 will be aggregated with Transaction 1 where Z Bhd will be required to announce Transactions 1 and 2 in accordance with paragraph 10.06 of the Main LR.
​Transaction 3 will be aggregated with Transactions 1 and 2 where Z Bhd will be required to, amongst others, seek its shareholder approval for Transaction 3 in accordance with paragraph 10.07 of the Main LR. However, Z Bhd must ensure that the circular issued to its shareholders includes information on Transactions 1, 2 and 3.