This question is independent from Question 4.3 above. Based on the same facts as in Question 4.2 above, assuming that the management company intends to issue an additional 340 million units, can it still proceed without applying to Bursa Securities for listing and quotation of the additional units?


No, in this case, as the total number of ETF units to be issued, i.e. 500 million units (160 million units issued in Question 4.2 above plus the additional 340 million units issued under this Question) will exceed the Approved Fund Size, the management company must first apply to SC to increase the Approved Fund Size to 500 million units. Upon receipt of SC's approval, the management company must file with Bursa Securities an application for listing and quotation of the additional 200 million new ETF units pursuant to paragraph 6.60 of the Main LR.