Listing procedures


When will the listing and quotation of the additional securities be effected under paragraph 4.0 of Practice Note 28?

Pursuant to the procedures under paragraph 4.0 of Practice Note 28, the additional securities will be listed and quoted on the next market day after the listed issuer has -


submitted the relevant certificate together with a covering letter containing the summary of the corporate proposal to Bursa Depository before 10 a.m. on the market day before the listing date;


received confirmation from Bursa Depository that the additional securities are ready for crediting into the respective account holders; and


announced pursuant to paragraph 13.2 of Practice Note 28 through Bursa Link via a dedicated template, "ALA template" before 3 p.m. on the market day before the  listing date the following:


details of corporate proposal;


total number of securities issued under each proposal and its issue price, if any ;


date of listing and quotation; and


latest issued and paid up share capital after the proposal indicating the number of shares (in units and RM) and their par value, if any.