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Timeline for a rights issue

(paragraph 6.23(2))


Timeline for a rights issueTime limitsMarket days*
1Books closing date (B) to determine persons entitled to participate in the rights issueB
2Public release of the abridged prospectus in respect of the rights issueFAQ 6.201 market day before trading of rights commencesB
3Trading of rights commencesFAQ 6.16, FAQ 6.17, FAQ 6.18, FAQ 6.21, FAQ 6.22, FAQ 6.23, FAQ 6.27, FAQ 6.281 market day after books closing dateB+1
4Listed issuer issues -Within 2 market days after books closing dateB+2
(a)the Provisional Allotment Letter (PAL) to the Depository and where applicable, entitled persons of securities which have been exempted from deposit with the Depository; and
(b)the following to the entitled persons of deposited securities:FAQ 6.24, FAQ 6.25, FAQ 6.26
(i)the notices of provisional allotment; and
(ii)the rights subscription forms.
5Cessation of trading of rights5 market days before the last date of acceptanceB+6
6Closing date for receipt of applications for and acceptance of the rightsAt least 11 market days after the books closing dateB+11


The number of market days from the books closing date (B) is stated based on minimum or maximum periods allowed, as the case may be.

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