[ As at 27 January 2015 ]


Contents of bylaws of a Share Issuance Scheme

(paragraphs 6.42 and 6.44)
(1)The persons to whom shares may be issued under the scheme (“participants”) and the basis of determining the eligibility of participants.​
(2)The maximum number of options to be offered under the scheme.​
(3)The maximum entitlement for each class or category of participant (where applicable) and the maximum entitlement for any one participant (where applicable).​
(4)The amount payable on application or acceptance and the basis for determining the subscription or sale, or option price, the period in or after which payments or calls, or loans to provide the same, may be paid or called upon.​
(5) The time limit for the scheme.​
(6)The minimum period, if any, for which an option must be held before it can be exercised.​
(7)The voting, dividend, transfer and other rights, including those arising on a liquidation of the listed issuer or the subsidiary, as the case may be, attaching to the shares.​
(8)Formulas for adjustments to the subscription or option price or the number of shares (excluding options already exercised) under the scheme, in the event of a capitalisation issue, rights issue, bonus issue, consolidation or subdivision of shares, capital reduction and/or any other variation of capital;​
(9) A provision that the matters relating to paragraphs (1) to (8) above cannot be altered to the advantage of participants without  prior shareholder approval.​

[ End of Appendix ]

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