[ As at 13 July 2015 ]



Information to be included in the register of a stabilizing manager

(paragraph 8.32)


The name of the issuer whose securities are subject to stabilization action.


Details of the number of securities over allotted, name of lender, amount of securities borrowed and price of the relevant securities and total amount of option exercised.
(3)The names and addresses of the person appointed as a stabilizing manager, contact person, name of the Participating Organisation and the Capital Markets Services Representative's License holder who will be conducting the stabilizing action  (or equivalent, if any); and salient terms of all agreements relating to the market stabilization entered into by the listed issuer and stabilizing manager.
(4)A daily breakdown of the transactions effected during the stabilizing period showing the total number of securities purchased each day and the purchase price per securities or the highest, lowest and average paid.​
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