[ As at 27 January 2015 ]


Contents of half yearly report in relation to a special purpose acquisition company
(paragraph 9.51)

(1)General description of a SPAC's operating expenses (including the management team's remuneration, if any) and the total amounts that have been spent.
(2)Detailed description, analysis and discussion on the top 5 highest amount of operating expenses.
(3)​A statement of whether there is any abnormal circumstance that has affected or will affect the business and financial position of the SPAC.
(4)Commentary from the board of directors on the direction and progress of the qualifying acquisition, including any change to the objective, strategy, status and capital of the SPAC.
(5)In relation to the proceeds kept in the Trust Account, the composition of the investments, SPACs investment strategy, market and credit risks for such investment.
​[ End of Appendix ]