​Paragraph 1.01
related party(a)in relation to a corporation, means a director, major shareholder or person connected with such director or major shareholder ; or
(b)in relation to a business trust means –
(i)​the trustee-manager or person connected with the trustee-manager;
(ii)a director, major shareholder of the trustee-manager or person connected with such director or major shareholder; or
(iii)​​major unit holder or person connected with the major unit holder of the business trust; or
​(c)​​in relation to a closed-end fund, in addition to subparagraph (a) above, means –
​(i)​the Manager or person connected with the Manager; or
(ii)​​a director, major shareholder of the Manager, or person connected with such director or major shareholder.
For the purpose of this definition, “director”, “major shareholder” and “major unit holder” have the meanings given in paragraph 10.02 of these Requirements.